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Santi Sari's unique location - overlooking a tranquil bay on the Bali Sea and bordering the protected Bali Barat National Park gives us direct access (about 30 minutes by boat) to Menjangan (Deer) Island. Protected and inhabited only be deer, wildlife and temples and offering stunning white beaches this is the perfect place to explore or simply relax and take in the truly breathtaking views. If you are a diver, then this is probably the best place for coral reef and abundant marine life in the World! The diversity of pristine corals are second to none! Lots of reef fish, dramatic walls and drop-offs, make this a true marine paradise! It's also a brilliant place for snorkeling as the reefs are accessible from the beach.


Is a whale shark big enough for you? It's possible to spot them at Menjangan Island on sites like Eel Garden and POS II, although they're not as common as spotting an anemone fish, you never know how lucky you can be. Other fish you can see are:

Blacktip Reef Shark - Green Sea Turtle - Star Puffer
Whitetip Reef Shark - Yellow Fin Tuna - Titan Triggerfish - Barracuda - Napoleon Wrasse - Trevally.


Maybe we should let you know what's not there. The list is endless when it comes to the fish life you will see while diving Menjangan Island. Below you can find some of the species that you're likely to see when diving Menjangan Island :

Pygmee Seahorse - Fire Dart Fish - False Clown Anemone Fish
Scorpion Fish - Two-tone Dart Fish - Spinecheek Anemone Fish
Longfin Spadefish - Spotted Box Fish - (Juveline) Common Lionfish
Pinnate Spadefish - Groupers - Golden Trumpet Fish
Butterfly Fish - Gobies - Surgeon Fish
Moray Eels - Puffer Fish - Angel Fish


Whale Shark - Mola Mola or Sunfish - Spotted Eagle Ray


The Snorkling and Diving are Great on Unspoilt Reefs



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