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As you head north away from the tourist areas of Kuta and past Ubud, you will see the landscape become even greener and lush with tropical vegetation. Lovina and the vicinities surrounding Singaraja are quite different from the southern villages in Bali. Here you will discover a more humble atmosphere that has changed very little even though this area has been visited by tourists for many years. There are a few nice beach-side restaurants along the main road through Lovina, but there are also still many traditional warungs serving a variety of Indonesian food. If you enjoy the outdoors you will have your pick of many wonderful activities, such as dolphin watching, walking, trekking, etc. For those of you who are a bit more adventurous, definitely visit Menjangan Island which is renowned for having the best diving and snorkeling in Bali. West Bali has many wonderful sites to see and things to do. The Bali Barat National Park is also worth a visit. Thus, with all that Northern and Western Bali has to offer, visitors are advised to spend at least one week touring these areas.

Historical Landmarks

The Royal line of Buleleng, Singaraja dates back to more than 500 years ago when the son of the King of Gelgel, Pandji Sakti, left Klungkung in order to establish a new kingdom in Den Bukit, Buleleng, North Bali. Upon reaching the mountain peak, he felt very thirsty, so he plunged his magic kris into the ground and water flowed from that spot. To this day, water flows from this spring making life possible for the animals and people who live at the top of this mountain range. After uniting Den Bukit (now Buleleng, North Bali) he became the king and built two palaces named 'Sukasada' just South of Singaraja and a third palace in Singaraja in 1604. This was the beginning of the Kingdom of Buleleng and Singaraja, the capital town of Buleleng regency. In the mid 19th century, the Dutch invaded Singaraja, destroyed the palace and deposed or killed most of the Royal family. By 1858, the Dutch appointed a new Raja of Buleleng. The young, intelligent king supported the rebellion against the Dutch in Banjar in 1872. In 1929, his son, I Gusti Putu Djantik, was appointed by the Dutch to be the regent of Buleleng. He rebuilt the Puri Agung and then along with the Dutch, founded the library of Lontar named Gedong Kirtya in front of the Puri grounds. He died in 1944 and was succeeded by his eldest son, Anak Agung Pandji Tisna, who was the last person to hold the title of Raja Buleleng.

Temples in the North & West

The Beji Temple which represents Northern Bali's colorful architectural style is definitely worth a visit. There are a variety of interesting sculptures on display. Maduwe Karang Temple is known for its humorous unique wall carving called “Gentlemen Riding a Bicycle.” Jagatnatha Temple is the largest temple in North Bali and is located in the center of Singaraja." The Sanggar Dwi Mekar is one of the best Balinese dance and Gamelan Schools headed by Pak Durpa. This is the cultural training ground for 250 students from North Bali. They have performed many international shows in Japan, Belgium and Germany. Gedong Kirtya is an outstanding library in Singaraja housing thousands of ancient Balinese documents. The library's contents, 'Lontar,' consist of Balinese literature, medical texts and even comic strips called 'Prasi.'

Places to See in the North

On your way to Singaraja or Lovina are some lovely places to visit. Bedugul is renowned for its beautiful 'Ulun Danu' temple in Lake Bratan. The lake is situated in a volcanic crater with breathtaking views. The lush tropical grounds are a lovely place for a picnic or stroll. There are also some exotic birds and snakes on display which make a great photo opportunity. Be sure to bring an umbrella, because it frequently rains in this region of Bali. The Botanical Garden, which is just minutes away, holds 200 hectares of land. One can drive through a portion of the gardens and see colorful birds, beautiful flowers & exotic trees. You can continue your trip by heading straight up North from Bedugul to Gitgit Waterfalls which are the tallest waterfalls in Bali. The inviting cool waters of the river below will entice you to take a dip. Coffee, clove & rice terraces surround these lovely falls. Once you have arrived in the Singaraja/Lovina area, you will also have many choices of things to see and do.

Places to see in the West

Northwest of Bedugul is Munduk Rice Terraces which are situated in a mountainous village in the center of Bali's coffee industry. The views here are outstanding. Continue Northwest to Banjar Holy Hot Springs - a natural volcanic sulphur hot spring set in a beautiful environment with a hot water swimming pool, a restaurant, changing rooms and souvenir shop. Practically next door is one of the only Buddhist Monasteries in Bali which was built in 1970. The monastery is a blend of Balinese and Southeast Asian architecture with an amazing stupa and several holy shrines. Continue further West where you can visit the Sea Turtle Farm or take a short boat ride to Menjangan Island. If you are an avid diver or snorkeler, you will love these pristine waters where you will see every kind of tropical fish imaginable along with colorful tropical corals.

Other Activities In the West

Trekking tours through Bali Barat National Park are an excellent way to get a glimpse of some beautiful exotic birds, wildlife and other indigenous flora & fauna. There is also a Pearl Farm close by where one can get a tour of the farm, a fascinating visit can be made to the Atlas south sea pearl farm in Penyabangan - where a Tour provides insight into the creation of 'nature's most precious gift' - the south sea pearl. "For more info please Call: 284455." The Turtle Farm is also a wonderful place for children and adults to learn about these incredible endangered species. One can take part in setting a turtle free. You may also want to go on a glass bottom boat ride to view the spectacular coral or bathe in the hot spring.

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